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Selling your condo can be a big decision, and it certainly isn’t one to take lightly or to do on the spur of the moment.  You need a sound idea of the value of your condo and a realtor willing to put in the hard work and effort needed to sell your condo quickly and with as little hassle as possible.  Below, you will find a handy checklist of things to do when looking to sell your condo.


  • Get an appraisal.  Ask your realtor to look at similar condos on the market and to make an assessment on the value of your condo.  It is a critical part of setting your selling price and will greatly increase your chances of a successful sale.


  • Set your asking price.  Market value is certainly a consideration, but consider also location, current sales records in the area, timeframe for sale, and any other relevant factors.  Determine what expenses you are willing to cover as part of the sale price and which expenses will be in addition to the final price of the condo.


  • Prepare a rental history.  Many prospective condo buyers are looking to invest in rental properties, and many people looking to relocate still want to see the potential value of their property.  Have this information ready to show any prospective buyer.


  • Make rules and stipulations clear.  Condo associations typically have many rules regarding things like upgrades and pets.  A large percentage of buyers have pets that will be moving with them, so let them know in advance whether or not the condo allows pets on the premises.


  • Compile a list of fees and expenses.  This will allow you or your realtor to quickly answer questions for prospective buyers.  A copy of the CC&R can also be very beneficial, as it will give buyers a clear view of the rules and stipulations of buying into the complex.


  • Assemble all warranties and other paperwork to be transferred.  If your appliances or other parts of your condo are under warranty, make sure that all paperwork has been gathered and is ready to be transferred.  Any manuals or other relevant paperwork should also be included.


  • Obtain a Certificate of Unpaid Common Charges.  This document will state that you have paid all of the fees and expenses up to the date of the sale and that there are no outstanding debts in your name on the condominium.


  • Obtain a certificate of insurance from the HOA or condominium association naming the new owner as having interest in the property.


Keep in mind that these steps are in addition to the steps traditionally considered part of a home selling checklist, such as cleaning and deodorizing, making necessary repairs, and finding a qualified realtor.  Once your listing is established, your realtor will work with you to review offers and negotiate contracts to help make the sale as simple as possible for both you and your buyer.  Keep in mind that you will want to work with your own realtor rather than the buyer’s realtor in order to maintain someone who has your best interests in mind.  When an offer is selected, your agent will work to coordinate the closing of the sale, including the completion of all paperwork and contracts.


If you are looking to sell your condo and seek an experienced, talented agent to help make things easier, give me a call today at 850-460-3235.  I will be happy to answer any questions and to let you know what I can do to make selling your condo a breeze!

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